Six Ways Not To Be Used

  1. Believe Patterns Not Apologies,
  2. Don’t Fall In Love With Potential,
  3. Believe ALL RED FLAGS.
  4. Know Your Worth,
  5. Don’t Lower Your Standards,
  6. Don’t Fall Too Hard Too Fast.

These are very important rules to go by. In order to follow all of these rules, if your like me, you will need to do some work on yourself. In future posts, I will be talking about things like Co-Dependency, Low Self Esteem and Trauma Bonding.

The second rule says not to fall in love with potential. I”ll use my most recent relationship as an example: He is a very smart man, he has 3 degrees. He is a very kind man when he is sober. Ok….so see the potential of what he could be, what kind of life we COULD have? So, I fell in love with what could be instead of facing reality and focusing on what is real right now. When I did that, I saw an unemployed, pathological liar, alcoholic man with a second DUI that was manipulative and abusive when he drank. Those are the facts and the real hard truth. Don’t fall for smoke and mirrors.

In the future, I will go into more detail on these rules if anyone is interested.

Remember, this is only my second blog, so be gentle with me. I am still working on getting my site set up. Hopefully, my site will evolve and get better with time.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! We are in this together, you are not alone! I am always open to comments, questions or suggestions.

Being Yourself Is The Bravest Thing You Can Be

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