Lesson’s Learned

This is my very first time writing a blog so be patient with me as I navigate the in’s and out’s. Hopefully with time, my blog and I will get better.

First, a little about my life experiences. In my 51 years, I have been in five toxic, psychologically damaging relationships. My first husband cheated on me twice and ran off with the second one not even a year after our son was born. The next four men have varying combinations of the following: narcissism, pathological liar, alcoholism, drug addiction, various mental disorders (nothing diagnosed) and co-dependency. Oh yeah, and one of them actually stalked me to the point of me having a loaded shot gun in my house. So, I have done a lot of research on the above issues and have and am doing a lot of self-care and self-work to ensure that this never happens again. I would love to have a blog to teach, inspire and empower women of every age.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog! Please follow my blog if: a) you’ve never been in a toxic relationship and you want to be sure that you never are or b) you have been in one or more than one toxic relationship and you want to make sure it NEVER happens again.

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I’ve been in several toxic relationships and have done a lot of research. I’m writing this blog to help myself and hopefully others, as well.